Alaves VS Granada CF, home wins a few more points

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    Alaves VS Granada CF, home wins a few more points
    Match analysis:

    Deportivo is in soccer tips guide 16th place in the standings with 35 points, 9 points above the relegation zone, and with a few more points, Alaves will secure their LaLiga spot for next season. Alaves isn’t an overly offensive team in LaLiga and they scored only 32 goals in 32 games this season. Defensively, Alaves isn’t great, but they aren’t the worst, Alaves has conceded 48 goals so far. In their last 5 LaLiga games since the restart, Alaves has 4 losses and only 1 win, 11 conceded goals, and only 3 scored goals. Lucas Perez has scored 11 goals and added 5 assists for Deportivo this season, while Joselu added 10 goals. There are no injuries or suspensions in Deportivo Alaves at the moment. In their last LaLiga game against Atletico Madrid, Alaves was forced to defend throughout the game and has had only 30% of ball possession, 2 shots on goal, 1 corner kick, and a low 65% of accurate passes. Alaves has lost this game 2-1. This isn’t a particularly great season for Alaves, but they are close to doing what was their goal before the season started, and that is securing their LaLiga spot for next season.


    Odd analysis:

    Without all of these injuries in Granada, free soccer tips daily I would give them a look, but like this, not a chance. Granada isn’t playing well, and they haven’t won any of their last 4 games. Alaves have to win a few more points to secure their spot, and I think they start here.

    Alaves VS Granada CF


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